• 7 months ago

    Sexsomnia! Is this a real thing?

    So not sure where to post something like this, but here goes. My wife and I have been married for 10 years and in the last week or so her behavior and sleeping patterns have changed. I woke up one night to the sounds of her masturbating in bed next to me. I didn’t really think much about it besides being super excited that something like that was happening. We have talked about masturbation but she either was never open about talking about it or was telling the truth that she doesn’t really do it. I always encouraged her to do it but she always just said she wasn’t into it. Back to the story at hand. So the first night I woke up to her masturbating, and all seemed pretty normal. She did her business and went to bed. Then the next night she did it again, and again did her business and was done. The last 5 nights or so, the frequency has really picked up. She has done it every night with it getting more and more vigorous (for lack of a better word) as each night has progressed. It has gone from just doing it once before she goes to bed to her now doing it 5 and 6 times a night. It seems to happen every time she suddenly wakes up. The last two nights especially I have not slept because of it. It seems to be happening at least every hour, if not more. I have read a little about sexsomnia in the past few days and have also read others stories. To try and keep a super long story short, is this something that could be a possibility? I only ask because in 10 years of marriage, this has never happened before. It seems to have come out of no where. I haven’t brought it up because honestly if it isn’t that and she enjoys doing it, who am I to say she shouldn’t. It is just tough because I haven’t been sleeping partly just due to the excitement that this is really happening. Part of me thinks it could be something where she is finally open to doing that but it has just been so sudden, and when she does do it, she really gets into it, and normally she is pretty reserved about things like that. I think it also could be about her possibly being attracted to someone else, considering each night she does start it willingly before she goes to bed. That in itself is also something I have never noticed until now. She just wouldn’t normally do that willingly in the bed right next to me. Lately I have been going to bed before her because I wake up a lot earlier then she does, whereas it used to be her always going to bed first. When she has started before she goes to sleep, it tends to just be light playing, she orgasms then goes to bed. In the middle of the night is when it gets crazy. The last few nights she has been moaning more when she sleeps, plus the masturbation has gotten to a whole new level. She thrusts her hips up, inserts larger things (usually pretty firmly), fondles herself all over and genuinely goes pretty crazy. It just seems odd But based on the fact that she does start it before bed, she could just really wanting To get off that badly, whether it is someone else or just her now being comfortable with it. Not sure what to think really. She doesn’t want sex all that often and all of a sudden out of nowhere she is going crazy pleasuring herself. But if it is her just enjoying this new found self love, she is hardly being discreet about it. I guess that is what makes it so odd. Anyway not sure what else to put but some feedback is always appreciated.