• 18 days ago


    One of the things Parkinson's Disease has done for me is creating a giant problem with sleeping. I could go two (2) or three (3) nights in a row without any sleep. Sooner or later my brain stops functioning, but I'm still awake. I also can't think straight. My PCP put me back on Adderall, and now I can get four (4) or five (5) nights of sleeping three to six hours. It's the only Rx that would help me, and I'm grateful. Nothing else worked at all.


  • 17 days ago

    RE: Insomnia

    Be sure to discuss with your doc, who can help you decide if the adderall is optimal for your situation. You might also ask him/her about using a CBT sleep training program, which is the gold standard for sleep improvement, and completely substance free. good luck.
      • 17 days ago
        Thank you for the info. I see my PCP on Monday, and my new Movement Disorder Dr. next Tuesday. I'll ask both of them.
      • 17 days ago
        What does CBT stand for in the Sleep Training Program. Just in case my Dr. doesn't know, I can tell him.