• 6 months ago

    Half asleep Half awake

    I'm really struggling with my sleep. Sometimes after a long day or just out of the blue, while I'm falling asleep or I believe I've fallen asleep, I wake up (I'm not even sure if I'm awake, I only remember these things in the morning) and think someone is in the room with me, so I usually sit up, it's not a scary experience like sleep paralysis because usually I think my friends are in my room, but the problem is I want to go sleep, but my brain thinks it's doing something and I'm speaking to an imaginary person in my head while sitting up.

    And example of this is when I woke up and thought 5 other people where sleeping with me (so I basically thought I was at a sleep over) and kept adjusting myself so that I didn't look stupid falling asleep and feel self-conscious, I have no influence over this, because during that time it feels like it's a dream, and once my mum woke me up completely and asked what I was doing.

    Someone please tell me what is going on, I'm 15 and this is really messing with my sleep patterns!!


  • 6 months ago

    RE: Half asleep Half awake

    Hi Julia,

    If this is not causing you problems during the day -- such as drowsiness, moodiness, lack of energy -- then you probably are getting enough sleep.

    We all wake up during the night at times, usually several times a night. That's normal. The difference is sound sleepers just let the wake-ups go without a second thought, and usually forget about them by morning.

    Often what you are describing is a result of excessive stress and/or anxiety experienced during the day. You can help yourself by being aware of stress and anxiety, and knowing it's OK to let go of thoughts that do you no good.

    Be sure to keep a consistent sleep schedule and try to get out for some good exercise most days too. Also no caffeine (colas and chocolate are loaded with it) after about mid-day. All that will help you sleep more soundly.