• 3 months ago

    falling asleep with women

    i'm male and find it hard to fall asleep with any women. when i was younger i thought i was because i was of excited and my sex drive was high.now im 36 and still find it hard to fall asleep with my girlfriend. when shes not sleeping with me iv no problem falling asleep. when im in my own house no problem. even after sex im so calm but still cant sleep for 2 hours or more. any idea why?


  • 3 months ago

    RE: falling asleep with women

    Not sure. But you can train yourself to do this with some strategies.

    First, falling asleep with a woman who is not just anyone but a mate or partner might help you feel more relaxed and trusting and able to let go more easily. So selection plays a part.

    Second, you can try this in intervals or stages. Maybe a nap together at first. Or just a night or two here and there.

    And as you get more used to it, this concern will hopefully fade.