• 11 months ago

    Specific period of the day, nap into a hard sleep, have to be woke up

    My back story is waking regularly around 7 a.m. being fine all day. As I got older and unhealthy it changed for me and I could not get enough sleep. I was told I had narcolepsy fibromyalgia and I had muscle weakness throughout my body and pain. In The Last 5 Years I've had five different surgeries. I'm starting to feel better and more able to do things again. The problem I'm having now is with daytime sleepiness that comes on me around 9 to 11 a.m. . If I lay back down and take a nap I am unable to wake myself up and will sleep into the late afternoon when my husband wakes me. This feels like a very deep sleep and heavy. I usually will have a bad dream during that time or no dream at all. Is this the part of narcolepsy and is it something that I can come out of?
    Thanks Ericafay