• 11 months ago

    sleep paralysis nightmares?

    This has only happened a couple times now, starting in this last year. I have woken up about an hour, or only half an hour into my sleep, but been unable to move and hearing or imagining things, but knowing that I'm in my bedroom and being aware that like I am awake. I feel pretty much completely awake but considering im unable to open my eyes or move i pretty much freak out, and have had different things happen to me during the minute or so im unable to move before the feeling starts to fade. One or two times (the scariest) I was laying on my stomach and felt as if someone was laying on top of me, holding me down, and I was trying to scream but couldn't. A couple times I was hearing noises, as if someone was sitting in the bed with me and i was deathly afraid but of course couldn't jump out of bed or flip over to see. not super concerned as it has only happened a couple times but very concerned if this continues to happen because It is for sure the scariest thing thats ever happened to me.


  • 11 months ago

    RE: sleep paralysis nightmares?

    Yours is a classic description of sleep paralysis, which is not all that uncommon. More importantly, it is considered harmless and benign, even if the images associated with it can be disturbing.

    If/when it happens, remind yourself -- continually if necessary -- they're not real, they're only dreams. And dreams cannot hurt you. It's OK to let it go.
      • 11 months ago
        Thank you! I had been thinking that but wasn't really sure if it was the same.