• over 1 year ago

    Can't sleep

    I have been struggling with falling asleep at all. I have resorted to taking prescription zolpidem( ambian generic) but really would like to know what the underlying issue is. I did a sleep study but they said I had mild sleep apnea but not needing a machine yet. Really don't want one anyways! lol However, I feel like I never hit that deep sleep and my brain just will not shut off and never wake up feeling rested. Anyone have any ideas? I have tried natural and over the counter with no luck.


  • over 1 year ago

    RE: Can't sleep

    I have had insomnia for years. I have hypersomnia, I wake up all the time and don't really get deep sleep.. I have one of those brains that don't shut off either, I cannot stop thinking about things..

    Sleeping pills and other natural stuff didn't work for me either. I do use a cpap machine, however I cannot get a mask that does not leak so its not very effective.

    I listen to repetitive music, nothing upbeat... Its actually a long piece of music on YouTube from Lord of the rings....
    It works everytime… or I watch a movie I have seen many times... for me its MAMMA MIA, it puts me to sleep. Not sure if this will work for you but it does for me.. Also if you have a clock by your bed that is lit up turn it away so you cannot see it.. I also have black out curtains.