• 8 months ago

    Convulsions and suddenly sitting up while falling asleep

    So this is weird. I was in bed with my boyfriend laying down, face up, after a night out. I had had about 3 drinks all night. I feel myself dozing off, and suddenly, I feel like I'm shaking and hyperventilating in my sleep. It was like I was dreaming. And I could hear my bf talking and asking me am I ok but I don't recall talking back or saying anything. Suddenly, i find myself sitting upright with my hands to my sides, like I pushed myself up, and I had opened my eyes and was shaking and breathing really heavily. My bf says I was shaking hard in my sleep and woke him up so he was asking me if I was ok. And I had my hands on my chest, like I couldn't breathe. And he would ask me if it was my heart and I answered yes. Mind you, I do not remember any of that. I'm concerned because I know something was wrong but I have no idea what as I don't remember it up until the point I found myself sitting up. Could I have been having a seizure??