• 8 months ago

    Are You Ready for the Time Change?

    Sunday is the day we "spring forward," which for most of us means advancing our clocks one hour. While this gives us those long summer nights, waking up Monday morning might not be so easy.

    It's important to know that the shift can be stressful for your body and can affect your well-being in these surprising ways: http://wb.md/2mmVaPF

    Need a little help bounding out of bed the moment your alarm goes off? Check out these tips: http://wb.md/2mZid4K

    What do you do to adjust to the time change? We'd love to hear your sleep tips.


  • 8 months ago

    RE: Are You Ready for the Time Change?

    In most cases, the difficult for adjusting time changes including jet lag is to deal with the empty stomach. What I am doing is to have banana in US or small onigiri ready to grab and eat it for just a few days until your body clock being adjusted