• 8 months ago

    unusual sleep disorder

    I have been suffering for many years from a problem that multiple doctors and sleep clinics have never heard of before. As I begin to drift off to sleep I experience what can best be described as a head rush, a quick, intense rush of blood or energy, I'm not sure which, to the head. Needless to say this is very disturbing, it's like having someone jolt me awake right as I'm falling asleep. This causes my heart to race and makes it almost impossible to fall asleep. This doesn't happen every night, it comes in phases where it will happen frequently for a few weeks and then go away for a while but it always comes back. Has anyone ever heard of such a thing?


  • 8 months ago

    RE: unusual sleep disorder

    Yes. It sounds like hyperarousal. This typically results from excessive levels of stress and/or anxiety experienced during waking hours, which tend to build stress hormones and neurotransmitters within the body and brain.

    Exercise is one of the very best ways to counter hyperarousal. Meaning taking the time for some good significant sweaty exercise. There are many other non-drug methods to counter this as well, including having a disciplined sleep-wake schedule, and avoiding caffeine in any form after about mid-day.

    Not saying you are hyper-aroused, but what you've described sounds like it. If this continues to bother you, you might try a physician who specializes in sleep.