• over 1 year ago

    Possible Seizure? Or really bad Sleep Paralysis?

    When I was a little younger I would get sleep paralysis a lot so I’m use to it when I get it now every so often. Only tonight it was different, I was in that sleep paralysis state but instead of not being able to move my body was shaking. I felt this type of straining feeling I get when trying to come out of it and “woke” up. I tried to sleep again only this time it was more intense and happened quickly. I was turning over in bed and as I was doing so I closed my eyes, my head twitched, and instantly my body started to shake uncontrollably lasting about 10-15 secs. Finally I just stayed up a little and fell asleep fine later. I never experienced this before, when I have sleep paralysis I’m just stuck there either with my eyes open or close never seeing a demon or something. I’m just confused on the shaking, like should I be worried? Though I think when having seizures aren’t people disoriented and forget them? So what was this shaking?