• over 1 year ago

    Post Surgery Issues

    Following bicep/shoulder surgery on 11-18, they couldn't wake me up after surgery for four hours. When my "woke up" eyes opened, my oxygen would be at 90 but than would drop to 70 after I closed my eyes.

    They blamed it on undiagnosed sleep apnea and just call it in "anesthesia event".

    Over the next week I only slept 8 to 10 hours. I finally took some nyquil to sleep, but for the entire next day I had antihistamine hangover and was miserable. It was pretty scary but they did get me in to see the sleep specialist do a study and I now have a CPAP. I have had that for over a month but cant tell if it is working yet because of the pills I have to take to sleep.

    I was prescribed hydroxyzine but the antihistamine was way too strong and I couldn't function even after cutting the pill down to a quarter. The same was true with trazodone. I would cut it down to a fourth of a pill and couldn't function the next day. But I didn't even sleep well with it.

    There's basically two or three of weeks of my life that I barely remember. It made for a hard holiday season.

    I am finding melatonin and natural stuff is working but I still only sleep about an 45 minutes to an hour at a time and it take me 60 plus minutes to get to sleep and 30 minutes to go back to sleep between "naps". The down side is that I feel groggy all day with the melatonin, but not nearly as bad as the prescribed stuff, I guess I can at least function at work now but it is hard.

    I'm working with the sleep doctor and we're trying to get it all worked out. I guess I'm ready to be back to normal. Any thoughts or advice, by the way, the shoulder is doing great, its just the sleep?


  • over 1 year ago

    RE: Post Surgery Issues

    Hi, it sounds like you are doing the right thing. Continue working your plan as prescribed by your sleep doc. Sometimes these things just take time, but you should be confident they work.