• over 1 year ago

    Possible sleep apnea? Should I be worried?

    Sleep has always been an issue for me but in recent months I've noticed it's worsened and I'm actually scared of sleep as it feels like my heart is going to stop!

    Yes- I have suffered and do suffer from anxiety and depression, I'm a massive hypercondriac and I don't have the best mental health however, I have many physical symptoms, these are symtoms at night;

    Tingling toes numb arms hands, feeling of cutting circulation, Lying down something always goes dumb- even if I'm comfy

    Can't wear anything even a little bit tight because feeling of cutting circulation.

    Light headed

    Short of breath

    Wake up having stopped breathing when drifting off, gasping for breath

    Heart and chest feels weak and wobbly

    Scared to sleep because feels like heart is going to stop.

    Should I be worried? I feel doctors never take symptoms seriously for someone who suffers mental health