• 4 months ago

    Frequent nighttime urination with erections

    I wake up every hour all night long with an erection and a strong urge to urinate. I walk myself to the bathroom, wait for the erection to go down and then urinate. It's not a lot of urine, but it's not a little either. I head back to bed and fall asleep instantly. 1 hour later, I'm up again with the same problem. This happens all night. It doesn't happen during the day.

    I went to a doctor and they recommended I try a prostate medication, so I did and it made no difference after 1 month so I stopped taking it. The same doctor also recommended that I masturbate before bed but that didn't help either.

    What is wrong with me? This has been happening for the last 2 years. I'm a 31 year old male and in good shape.


  • 4 months ago

    RE: Frequent nighttime urination with erections

    Hi, we can only speculate here online. Your best info on this will come from a doc that examines you and knows your full medical history.

    First, waking up "every hour" suggests you are awakening after completion of one of the 4 to 6 cycles of sleep we normally go through each night. Awakening briefly between cycles is normal, everyone does it to some degree. Normally we fall right back asleep and forget about it by morning.

    The urge to urinate at your age doesn't suggest prostate, but again your doc should have the best info on this. You should likely avoid drinking anything for at least a couple hours before bed, then be sure to void your bladder right before actually getting into bed.

    As for the erection, again quite normal during the REM phase of sleep, which is consistent with awakening after completion of one of the cycles.

    If you're not getting good answers from your doc, you might ask for a referral to a sleep specialist or urologist.

    But I suspect your real issue is light, fragmented sleep, combined possibly with too much drinking before bed. Possibly consider working on stress management, as excessive stress tends to worsen sleep.
      • 4 months ago
        Interesting response. Thank you for this information. Unfortunately I have no health insurance so going to a specialist or urologist is not an option. I've even tried not drinking any water all day and it still happens. It should be noted that I am a recovering alcoholic with nearly 2 years of sobriety. Maybe my history of drinking (8 years of vodka) has ruined my body. I only noticed this start happening after I quit drinking alcohol.