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  • 3 days ago

    CPAP Machines

    I will be starting using CPAP, any recommendations for full mask vs. nasal only? Thanks
  • 3 days ago

    Is it a racket?

    I use a CPAP. My equipment provider insists on sending me new hoses and nose pieces every 3 months, because they say that it prevents bacterial buildup in the equipment. I am suspicious. This is costing me more than I think it should, and I think it is an opportunity to make money off me. Why can't I just carefully clean with plastic hoses and other bits with vinegar or a weak bleach solution, replacing the actual equipment only every six months? After all, it's not as if I'm breathing....
  • 8 days ago

    Sleep only 4 hours or less without medication

    I sleep only for about 4 hours without medication - tylenol PM. I go to bed AROUND 11:00PM and will wake up and unable to sleep. I feel tired during the day
  • Concious while asleep

    Hello looking for answers. Since 02/19 i have been having problems sleeping. I either dont sleep for days or when i do sleep it is like i am locked in. What i mean is that i am completely aware while asleep but i cant move. People have come to check on me and in the morning i can repeat exactly what they said but couldnt have responded to them. If anyone has any ideas or information it would be appreciated
  • 15 days ago

    Would a good mattress help with back pain and good sleep

    In one of my other posts here, I have explained that I have some god awful back pain. Long story short, my back pain started when I had a really taxing project at my workplace a few weeks back. And the back pain doesn't seem to go. I am doing almost everything to help with the back pain, but nothing seems to help really - exercises, physiotherapy, and on, a recliner as well! I also have Vitamin D deficiency FYI. I am a 35 year old female, and I am really done with my lower back ache. I was thinking....
  • 29 days ago

    Slamming legs

    My husband slams his leg down really hard thru the night it wakes me up even sends chills thru my body I think it startles me. Anyway he doesn't remember this and I can hardly wake him he sleeps so deep what can cause this? And I've looked up restless leg it just doesn't seem like that
  • 1 month ago

    Sleepdisruption intense

    I came to this forum because i have developed a severe sleep disorder. everytime i start to fall asleep i wake up feeling hot, anxious and as if there were electricity coursing through my veins. i have consulted with a psych dr. and have been given different medications. the most recent is seroquel. the condition seeems to get more intense each day and i am unable to sleep. i'm frightened and don't know what to do. apparently the psysch doc doesn't either. i desperately need support and....
  • 1 month ago

    Is sleeping in two hour intervals good enough?

    I take Tylenol PM and melatonin to help me sleep. I still wake up about every two hours. At some point I'll take another Tylenol PM. This goes on all night from about midnight until 6 a.m. and then I'll fall into a more prolonged sleep that lasts from 6 until 9. I guess I just wonder if I'm getting enough REM time with that sleep schedule. I feel tired when I wake up, but I get through the day without napping.
  • 1 month ago

    would like facts about use of gabapentin

    taking gabapentin 300 mg which helped me sleep. discovered continued use lessened effectiveness. upped dosage one time to 600mg, and had best sleep in 30 years. QUESTION: can I take this dosage occasionally, say once per week, for extended period without lessening the effectiveness?
  • 1 month ago

    Slap Happy

    I slap my opposite arm occasionally when I sleep or if on my side I slap my thigh. What causes this? Also, during sleep I curse out loud (tourettes?) but never curse when awake. What causes this. I notice it happens more often when I have eaten spicy food that day.