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  • 1 day ago

    Long-term use of Diphenhydramine

    I've had insomnia for years now and end up taking 25mg of Diphenhydramine (the active ingredient in Benadryl, ZzzQuil, and other over-the-counter sleep aids) most nights. I don't have any real side effects, and nothing I've read about the drug indicates that this kind of use would cause health problems, but I do wonder whether it might be affecting my liver--or my health in other ways. Does anyone know?
  • 1 day ago

    Go days with NO sleep and than get 8-7-10 hours and go again for days it's pathetic and I think it is slowly going to kill me.

    I have always (even as a newborn) my mom use to say I slept 12 hours at a time, she'd have to wake me to feed me and than back to sleep. When I started school and thru high school I would come home have to have a nap of at least 1-2 hours and go to bed at a regular time. I guess I used up all my sleeping hours, these past 8 years I've had insomnia horribly and I honestly think it could kill me. I have a very hard time falling asleep, not because of caffeine because most everything I drink....
  • 1 day ago


    i can never sleep. i'm always exhausted, but i can never manage to fall asleep. i'll start drifting into unconscious, but then i think: what if someone breaks in and kills my family and i ? or what if the house catches on fire ? and sometimes i just simply can't sleep. i guess staying up until for am by choice doesn't help, but. still.
  • 1 day ago

    I'm 16 - can't stay asleep?? Help!

    As like most teens, I usually sleep at around 2am-3am (I know, it's bad) - but lately, I have been trying to sleep early which never works out. I always end up getting a couple hours of sleep and waking right in the middle of the night for no reason. Today I tried to tire myself by constantly being active for the entire day with no naps just so I could achieve a good long sleep.. still ended up with a couple hours of sleep. I have tried melatonin and it doesn't do anything for me. Also, I....
  • 1 day ago

    Life long insomnia.

    (Short version) I can't sleep without a .3 of clonidine at night and haven't since early, early childhood. What are the health risks I am to face, and is there a way to cure my disorder or am I safe to continue throughout life? (Full story) I'm a 21 year old male, who is healthy. My blood pressure is normal, etc. I had tests on my blood and an EKG recently after a hospital trip due to anxiety and everything was perfect. However, I've lived my entire life with severe insomnia, so much....
  • 4 days ago

    Restless Leg Syndrome

    I frequently have restless legs at night, with twitching legs, toes and feet, and I just can't get comfortable enough to fall asleep. Sometimes I have terrible leg cramps that only can be helped a warm heating pad. I've had the restless legs for many years, and only recently, my doctor called the problem "Restless Leg Syndrome" and prescribed Ropinirole. It has helped enormously! I take 2mg before bed. Perhaps it will help with the involuntary twitching and jerking of muscles some....
  • 4 days ago

    Able to move body but unable to open eyes while having a dream

    I was having a dream which i can't fully remember but there was a point where i realized this was a dream but couldn't control what was happening. I knew something bad was about to happen but i couldn't open my eyes. I would assume that this was sleep paralysis but i could move my body in real life and was fully conscious other than the fact that my eyes were closed and i was having a dream. I was able to take my hand and pry my eyes open leading to me being awake. I was unable to find....
  • 6 days ago

    I am tired all the time but I sleep for 12 hours a night?? Is this a sleep disorder or does it have to due with my medication?

    For the past 4/5 months I have been tired all the time even when I am sleeping anywhere from 8-12 hours a night. This effected my performance at school during the last 3 months or so of school. I would be going to bed anywhere from 6pm to 10pm and have to get up at 6am. I would not be able to get up at 6am for school. I couldn't drag myself out of bed I was so out of it. I would end up sleeping through my alarm and waking up at 10 am. This affected my performance in school. I would have problems....
  • 7 days ago

    Involuntary muscle movements while trying to fall asleep.

    Either the shoulder, leg, arm, upper body, or both legs (not all at the same time. The site seems to be random) will jolt or spasm right when I feel like I am about to doze off. This leaves me lying in bed waiting for the next one to happen as soon as I tire again. When they happen I feel a surge of adrenaline and I am no longer tired for a couple of minutes. (this could be fear or annoyance.) There is no "falling feeling" like as described in "Sleep Myoclonus." Just what feels....
  • 10 days ago

    Sleep apnea

    My husband has been diagnosed wit both types of sleep apnea and the c pat machine his dr prescribed is not covered by r insurance. Now he's afraid to fall asleep cuz of lost of breath and how weird it makes him feel. He looses his breath at night and day when he tries to nap. It's weird how I can hear when he starts breathing a certain way seconds later is when he looses his breath. Any suggestions for what he can do to help with his breathing and sleep. Ty for taking the time out to read....