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  • I have 2-3 dreams every night

    So when I sleep at night ( I normally don't because of this ) I have 2-3 dreams and they are vivid horrible dreams that make me feel empty the dreams are scary or anything but they leave me deeply empty and depressed. When I sleep during the day I have no dreams and I'm really motivated and able to do anything. I have been able to have 1 or 2 night where I only have 1 dream. But PLEASE HELP give me pointers on how to start changing this cycle
  • 4 days ago

    Anyone please

    Hello, I am 30 years old now.... there has been a drastic change in my sleep. I use to be able to get up immediately after any sound noise in ny house... i am vegan, i am not sure what’s going on but I am unable to get up for any alarms, my son who wakes me up for work at night started to tell me all these episodes of my actions when he attempts to do so. And so he started to record them, as I told him to do so. I kid you not, I don’t remember any of my episodes, talking crazy, grabbing my chest....
  • 6 days ago

    Horrific Nightmare

    Last night, I had a horrific nightmare that lasted exactly a half hour but felt like it lasted 3 nights. It started off fine but then everything was black and there was loud music playing and pictures on the wall and I was paralyzed and felt like I was seizing over it. I was trying to move but I was just paralyzed. Mind I was still asleep, so it's not sleep paralysis. Anyway, then it flashed into a party, where these two guys came in and were threatening me and my friends. One got in bed with....
  • 7 days ago

    Can't sleep without a wet pillow or bed

    Hi, I have a problem of conformability, I can't sleep till 11 or 12 and wen I do I become so restless that I can only sleep if only I pour cold water on my bed or pillow and place my legs on it or my head on it to cool it off . Then I can sleep it's been happening for over a year now
  • Is melatonin safe to take every night, or every other (1/3?)?

    Is Melatonin at 3mg safe to take every night, or every other? It says on the bottle that it's only used for occasional sleep-timing issues. I heard it effects the bodies natural production of Melatonin and the body gets used to the artificial supply, and stops producing, thereby effecting your natural ability to get to sleep after you discontinue use. This was from a friend, not a scientific source. I'm worried to take it now.
  • 18 days ago

    Do these hallucinations link to a sleeping disorder?

    Heya! So I've decided to come here because I'm seriously getting fed up with this. It's basically this: When I'm sleeping with someone else in the room (my boyfriend, one of my friends, brother etc) before I fall asleep or just after I wake up, I tend to respond to them though no one's said anything! NOTE: This happens ONLY when I fall asleep or wake up near other people. I can genuinely clearly remember hearing and seeing things, they seem like hallucinations. On bad days this....
  • 29 days ago

    Woke up but still aware of dream

    I've been wondering for years about this. I had a dream when I was about 9 years old and it was so scary and real I could never forget. I was in a room and there were creatures around yelling and laughing gibberish stuff. Then there was a man with a really big head yelling as loud as he could at me. It was all gibberish so nothing he said was real words but I knew what he was telling me somehow. He was telling me to touch a block with my hand and then touch another one on the other side of the....
  • 29 days ago

    Sleep Apnea: CPAP or dental appliance?

    Hey everyone, I am suffering from sleep apnea. My wife complained that I used to snore in the midnight with very loud noise and I used to wake up in the midnight. I went to my family doctor who suggested undergoing Nocturnal polysomnography. I was not knowing what it was. As per doctor's proposal, I have undergone the test in which I was hooked up to equipment that monitors your heart, lung and brain activity, breathing patterns, arm and leg movements, and blood oxygen levels while you sleep....
  • 1 month ago

    Advice needed for 15 year old

    I have a really hard time falling asleep. I will lay in bed for 2+ hours a night. And when I do fall sleep I wake up several times in the night. Could this be a problem or just being a teenager?
  • 1 month ago

    Serious sleep problem

    Hi I am Stephen I am 22 I have trouble with sleeping I don't sleep for 2 days then on day 3 I fall asleep for 18 to 20 hours and during that time I can't be woken up as my partner and kids try but my partner say it doesn't matter what they do they can't wake me up and even after all that sleep I still feel tired I know this isn't normal I have been like this for a couple months now