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  • 5 hours ago

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    Biorexin 2-It will give increase in essentialness and stamina level. Augmentation in stamina implies your economical time in bed will be more, and with greater imperativeness, there will be more sperms check.
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  • 15 days ago

    Name of medication

    I have erectile dysfunction and i was prescribed a medication that dissolved under my tongue and helped me achieve an erection for up to 72 hours. I forgot what this medication was called and i have not found it online. Can anyone help?
  • 15 days ago

    ED problems?

    Ok.. So I'm having a tough time at the moment. I've been single for 1 year now after being in a 4 year relationship full of good sex and good times. My first sexual encounter after my ex was decent, however a few months later I started seeing this nice girl that I got on with very well. But when I first tried to have sex with her I went soft and couldnt have sex which was disappointing obviously! However I went back in the next few days and was able to have sex multiple times . After that....
  • 20 days ago

    Red spots

    It started on 18 December when i saw 2 small red dots on the middle half of my penis head. Fast forward to last week when all of a sudden many more appeared its itchy but mostly my foreskin. i washed regulary with no soap or other products just warm water in the shower. i try to upload a picture or two with it. No sex since last year, not a frequent masturbator like once or twice a month. ;photo_id=502579553872
  • 20 days ago

    Something under shaft of penis.

    I am 21 year old male. Under the skin of my penis shaft are 2-3 white bead like things. I pushed one of those out of my skin and some long white thing came out.(not living or moving). There is no pain. I am circumcised. What could this be?
  • 25 days ago

    Sudden scab on glans

    So the story is short.I have masturbated for the last 2 weeks almost 3 times a day.Noticed that the skin started to flake and crack.Stopped doint it for a few days, then I leave for holiday and I noticed some small crusts forming near the urethra.They were very small and a burning sensation.went to the doctor a few days and she said that it is Balanitis.I was given 2 types of cream to apply and also wash a little with a pinch of baking soda and water.After that the crusts are gone but a whitish tint....
  • 1 month ago

    Pain in Penis and Testicles.

    I have not been sexually active for years. I even quit masturbating for a while due to low desire. I got some cialis and decided to test it out. I masturbated. After ejaculation, I got pain in my urethra. It has lasted for a week. It's throbbing, and even my testicles hurt. I saw a urologist (who was already scheduled due to low desire). He didnt see anything wrong from physical exam of penis only or anything wrong with my urine. I have a scope and blood test scheduled a month from now. No condition....
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    Hello I am a 16 year old male, sexually active but after cumming Is hard to get another erection until an hour later, and if i get it it really hurts and feels sore This has bothered me, even though i satisfy my gf and we rarely do 2 rounds in a day. The soreness still Is there even if i use my penis in the morning and Is late night Any help?
  • possible oral herpes exposure

    I recently began interacting with a girl and for three straight days(this past Sunday Monday and Tuesday) We had intimiate interactions(kissing and making out) And on Tuesday we had intercourse and oral both ways. Afterward, she reveals that she had contracted oral herpes at a really young age but hasnt had an outbreak in a couple of years.(not sure if true because her credibility is questioned since she never told me this beforehand) . I had been tested in an std panel this past april and everything....