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  • 9 hours ago

    Drs are con-artists, especially urologists

    Drs are con-artists, especially urologists. Well yeah; well duh. It's obvious too. Nobody rats them out because men on instinct don't want to rat out themselves. (This post will most likely be deleted to protect the con.
  • 2 days ago

    Penis Rash after sex

    I had sex two days ago with my new girlfriend and today i woke up with itchy rash on my penis. (Images link down - nsfw) I tried to google what it can be but I really don't know. I will defiitely talk to her about it and I called a doctor but he can examine me on monday. Until then I don't know nothing. Also i have some small non itchy rash on my shoulders but i don't know if it's related.
  • Yearly/Seasonal UTI Symptoms

    Healthy male, been married for past 5 years. Keep getting reoccurring UTI symptoms for several years with all testing coming back normal or negative. Seems only a portion of my urethra swells up near the tip. Mild discomfort urinating, and mild morning erection discomfort. Clear discharge after urinating, and seems not able to empty bladder/leakage. Flare ups seem to occur every 1 to 2 years or seasonally. Do a round of antibiotics it clears up then reoccurs in the 1 to 2 year span. Have been on....
  • 19 days ago

    HPV? Old flame reached out...

    I’m 32 y/o single male and have been for a few years. I date around a decent amount and have had my fair share of unprotected sex. I try to be smart about the “types” of women I sleep with, but obviously you never know. About 2 weeks ago I was contacted by someone I was sleeping with last summer but have stayed friendly with here and there since. I suppose she was having a guilty conscious and told me that she was recently diagnosed with HPV when she had her yearly pap smear so she had to have gotten....
  • 20 days ago

    Is this gentiles herpes ?

    Every now and then after masterbating few times a day or for a long time , I feel a little itch under my foreskin and when I look. I see little round open sores. I never seen them raised as blisters or have any fluid in them. I don't feel pain unirating or have flu symptoms. Every time I catch them they are little round cuts. They are close to each other but they are not clusters. Always on the right side right where the shaft starts. They do not seem like herpes , could they be ? Any help will....
  • 20 days ago

    urethral swelling in vagina from strong soap?

    so, recently, i’ve been having a bit more p-in-v sex. we both tested 100% clean for stds, and i have an iud (plus we’re monogamous— no, he’s not cheating on me. chill.), so we don’t really use condoms. i drink tons of water (it’s just a habit tbh im not overhydrated though), but i had recently been on a long, weird flight, so i hadn’t had much water until late yesterday/today. yesterday morning, i used some kinda strong, acidic, scented soap (from lush) to clean down there (a bad idea) very thoroughly....
  • 28 days ago

    Gonorrhea symptoms persisted / developed after treatment

    3 months ago I contracted and received treatment for Gonorrhea. My symptoms were mild (irritation in urethra, slight ache in testicles) I'm not sure if it is related but the symptoms as they are have persisted and developed slightly. I have been double tested for additional STIs (including microplasma - all negative) and have been to my GP and a sexual health clinic, both of which provided no answers. I am on a waiting list to see a urologist but i have been told the wait time is up to 40 weeks....
  • 1 month ago

    No refractory period

    After sex or masturbation, unless I think about something else or want it to, my erection remains full and I can orgasm again (however each subsequent orgasm takes longer and longer to achieve). I have no refractory period whatsoever. My current new girlfriend has informed me that this is particularly unusual. (I figured it wasn’t everyone, but still pretty normal). I’m 37, out of shape & (while obviously not upset about this) curious if this is a sign of some hormonal problem or something I....
  • 1 month ago

    So, I am trying to figure out how it happened.

    I was trying to confirm that syphilis can be caused by yeast infections
  • 1 month ago

    Syphilis and Skin-to-Skin Transmission

    I read syphilis can be transmitted from "skin to skin contact," yet the number of infections is far lower than other STIs. One source suggested a lesion must come in contact with an open wound for skin to skin transmission and skin-to-skin transmission are rare. How accurate are these assessments?