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  • High risk encounter scare. Advice please?

    Hey guys, I had a close encounter last week and would just really appreciate some input. I'm pretty upset about it and am really concerned. It was a mistake that I will never make again. I'll start my saying that I'm a 29yo circumcised white male (healthy) Female (mid-40's, Hispanic, don't know anything else about her) I was in a really bad emotional state last week and just made a bad decision to see a sex worker. This was last Sunday (9 days ago). I was trying to be as safe....
  • 5 days ago

    Do I have an STD? (picture included)

    This cyst-looking bump showed up a few days ago. I popped it and it has come back within a day. Is this normal or should I be concerned? Which STD does it look like? I scheduled an appointment to get tested, just wanted to get a second opinion while I wait for my appointment. Thanks.

  • 5 days ago

    Can't tell if genital warts or normal growths

    Hi. Sorry for the long post, just wanna be thorough. 24 yo male here. About a month ago, after a particularly sexually active night, both my gf and I experienced moderate pain in our genitals. Her vagina appeared slightly redder than normal and the skin under my penis' head became very sensitive and had a lot of tiny red dots that looked like developing pimples. All of our symptoms disappeared after ~4-5 days, but we stopped having sex just in case. She then went to a doctor and was diagnosed....

  • 9 days ago

    bumps on penis

    they started out as little red bumps at the base but recently a lot of raised bumps that appear to be filled w puss came up at once on the shaft. they honestly look like a bunch of pimples but we're not sure. i wish i could post a picture, he tried popping them (i told him not too lol) and they popped like zits, but after we had sex together i got red bumps like the ones he had in the beginning. what could this be?
  • 10 days ago

    STD scare. Please help

    Hey everyone. Can I start this by saying that I'm unbelievably concerned and stressed out about the possibility of contracting a very serious STD like HIV or other life-long, life-threatening ones (any in general). I'll make this as short and precise as possible. Honesty is key in providing you with as much information as possible for an accurate diagnosis or opinion (I hope). I was in a really bad state of mind emotionally on Sunday night (72 hours ago) and just made a terrible decision....
  • 10 days ago


    I’ve had this thing at the base of my penis and I’d appreciate a proffessional opinion. Could it be herpes?

  • 10 days ago

    Warts or vest papillomatosis?

    What are those bumps and finger-like papulles on my vag entrance?

  • 13 days ago


    I haven’t sex in 9 years but recently I have noticed this bumps and I very scared. Can anyone tell me if they are gen.warts?

  • 17 days ago

    LSIL and HPV

    I received an abnormal pap with LSIL results. From what I can tell it is most likely caused from an HPV infection. If I contracted HPV years ago and it is just showing the development of LSIL now, does that mean I still have an ongoing HPV infection? Or is the infection gone and LSIL is the result? I slept with a new partner starting a few months ago, the first new one in years. Would I have spread it to him, or is it more likely I got it from him and the LSIL developed in 2 months?
  • 18 days ago

    Worried about rash?

    So at the beginning of October, I performed oral sex on a guy without a condom (no anal/vaginal sex occurred). Someone I've known for a few years, and who has been with a few partners, but assured me afterwards he always uses condoms when having sex and is clean of STDs. Rational me believes this. But I worry. Currently, like about two weeks ago (late November), I noticed I've had many random bumps on my legs. Small, zit like appearance, red or skin toned. Mostly red after itching a lot.....