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  • 3 days ago

    Oral Sex

    Hi All, I hope you are all well.I am a male and made a terrible mistake and received unprotected oral sex from a female sex worker.... What is the possibility I could catch something, herpes or another std, from this encounter?? Please help.
  • 9 days ago

    Herpes 2 Transmission from hand

    Hi, I have genital herpes and my partner does not. Recently I masturbated without realizing I had a few blisters on my penis (discovered them the next morning). When I finished I was reaching around for a pillow (in the dark) and my partner, who was asleep, turned her head at the same time and basically put her open mouth on the side of my hand. I felt two wet lips make contact and freaking just land there, so definitely at least some mucous membrane from her mouth touched my hand. I can’t seem to....
  • 9 days ago


    So I’ve been overthinking so much and it feels like i can’t stop thinking about it but I’ve had this little bump by my groin area and I have no idea if it’s a skin tag or not and I’ve been freaking out about it. No it doesn’t itch and it’s soft. it’s not letting me post a picture
  • 23 days ago

    Increase testosterone level in the body

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  • 25 days ago

    Herpetic Whitlow Frustration

    I was diagnosed with HSV-2 6 years ago. I have infrequent outbreaks but I have a rare situation in that in addition to having the standard outbreak downstairs I also have it on the palm of my hand. The outbreaks never occur at the same time. Yes, it has been confirmed that it is what it is, my frustration lies with how to keep the palm of my hand covered. I am constantly changing the bandaid because it loses its adhesive. I've thought about a glove but that would be really strange looking, I'm....
  • 28 days ago

    Scared! How did u deal with it

    I'm also scared. I'm 19 have herpes type 2! And feel like I *** up already. Never been in a relationship and now to scared to be in one. Everytime I think about A guy I like or even just looking at a guy or girl that's attractive I think about it.
  • 29 days ago

    Penis Rash after sex

    I had sex two days ago with my new girlfriend and today i woke up with itchy rash on my penis. (Images link down - nsfw) I tried to google what it can be but I really don't know. I will defiitely talk to her about it and I called a doctor but he can examine me on monday. Until then I don't know nothing. Also i have some small non itchy rash on my shoulders but i don't know if it's related.
  • 29 days ago

    I just want to ask about my situation, if it sounds more like I have herpes, genital warts, or something else.

    I'm 19 years old. I just want to ask about my situation, if it sounds more like I have herpes, genital warts, or something else. A month ago, my partner noticed some flat, blisters around my anus. There was also one, tiny, red bump on the hood of my clitoris (it didn't really feel painful or anything, but I could definitely tell there was some mild sensation upon touching it). After a day or two, the blisters occurred on certain areas in my vulva, including one on my pubic region. All of....
  • 1 month ago

    Is this gentiles herpes ?

    Every now and then after masterbating few times a day or for a long time , I feel a little itch under my foreskin and when I look. I see little round open sores. I never seen them raised as blisters or have any fluid in them. I don't feel pain unirating or have flu symptoms. Every time I catch them they are little round cuts. They are close to each other but they are not clusters. Always on the right side right where the shaft starts. They do not seem like herpes , could they be ? Any help will....
  • 1 month ago

    uncomfortable bumps on vaginal opening (vulvar vestibule)

    I recently discovered a cluster of bumps on my vaginal opening (I think it’s called the vulvar vestibule) . I have been having unprotected sex from atleast up to 2 months ago & the last time I had unprotected sex was about 4 weeks ago but about 6 weeks ago my lymph node in my groin area on my right side got swollen (it wasn’t painful or anything just noticeably there) then about 2 weeks after it got swollen I contracted what was either strep throat or mono (sore throat , trouble swallowing ,....