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  • 13 hours ago

    Blood transfusions

    There is no evidence to say blood transfusions work - I don't believe in them!
  • 1 day ago

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  • 4 days ago

    I got tested and negative for stds but still smell.

    Help . I got tested a month ago or so for all stds , like everything. Everything was negative . I been having a weird vag smell however for months. I tend to have yeast infections a lot and the last one I was given cream. Not sure if it worked. Could it just be my Vagina changing in smell since I’m getting older . I’m (23) . Could by ph be significantly off ? I don’t have a urine or balder infection. I seriously don’t know. Any tips ?
  • 5 days ago


    My partner and i were treated the same day for chlamydia however did not wait the 7 days. Have we reinfected ourselves?
  • 8 days ago

    Worried about an STI

    Hi, I hadn't had sex with anyone in over a year until last week. I was pretty drunk but the sex was protected regardless but there was a bit of touching before this, I took my period a few days after and was feeling a burning sensation when urinating but thought nothing of it. Now my period has been over for a few days but the burning sensation is still there. I had a check last night and I've noticed some small bumps around the vaginal/rectal area, they look like little spots and this whole....
  • 14 days ago

    Risk of Contracting STIs from Oral Sex

    Hi, I'm curious to know what the chances are for a man of acquiring HIV or herpes from receptive unprotected oral sex. This situation presented itself and after having some discomfort, I decided to go and see a doctor. Surprisingly, they only asked for a urine sample to test for gonorrhea, chlamydia, and trichomoniasis. Ultimately, it was found that my discomfort was the result of a "non-specific urinary infection", which was quickly cleared up with antibiotics. My question is whether....
  • 18 days ago

    Urgent help

    My periods is done 2 days ago I accidentally found a tampon inside in me was there 2 days I hv no rashes no pain no itching am I ok or hv to be worried?
  • 28 days ago

    Please help ! Herpes ? Warts ? Or bad yeast infection?? Or what ????

    I had a std swab screening back in October . I was negative. These spots where there around that time and my ob said I just had a yeast infection which I tend to get a lot. Fast forward to now and the bumps seem to have gotten worse. I went to a new ob who said that they could be early early stages of warts but nothing to be concerned about because they look normal like skin spots. I looked up fordyace spots but idk they look worse. I’m not having any weird color vaginal discharge or anything else....
  • 1 month ago

    STD risk?

    Hi , so I’m a 22 year old male , about a month ago I was at a rub n tug place. The lady gave me a handjob and anal stimulation with her finger. How likely is it that I could of contracted a std? I saw a my doctor and she took a look at my anus and penis and kinda shrugged me off as if I’m crazy for even being worried about it. Is it possible to catch a std this way? If so which ones? The massage lady She did not have any visible fluids on her hand , her nails were not short but not super long. I....
  • 1 month ago

    Trich, UTI Symptoms?

    So about a month ago me and my partner(female) started experiencing some major discomfort for her during sexual intercourse. Especially at the point of entry and even some minor stroking. In her vagina, there’s a bit of friction based lesions I would say. And she complains of pain after sex, and itchiness around the pubic area not the actual vagina. I saw some dead skin and ashiness around my shaft so I went to the ER to get it checked out. They said it wasn’t what I thought it was which was a yeast....