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  • 5 days ago

    Pain during sex out of no where

    Me and my boyfriend have been together for over 2 years. We have always had sex since shortly after dating. Just recently it started hurting during sex. Almost like a friction if that's a thing ? It doesn't hurt on the inside. Just under my vagina opening. It starts hurting so bad that I have to stop because it burns. Can't seem to figure out what exactly is going on or how to help it.
  • 5 days ago

    Problems after sex

    I recently had sex with my boyfriend and during sex i guess his nails scratched my vagina or something because after it was over and i got home i noticed blood in my underware and i was a little sore. It wasnt my period because my period had just ended a few days before. A few days after the sexual intercourse im less sore, in fact im only sore at the part of the vagina where the penis actually goes inside. It very uncomfortable and kind of actually itches and hurts at the same time. Did he just....
  • 5 days ago

    Oral sex from woman with red pimple on bottom lip

    Woman who I believe is a prostitute and drug addict. Received oral sex from her unprotected. Didn’t know the red pimple on her bottom lip until afterwards. It was red and blending in with her lips so well
  • 6 days ago

    Slightly painful swelling on penis after masturbating

    After masturbating on and off for a few hours using my shirt I noticed a lump/mass on the left underside of my penis, about one square inch under the loose skin that is left from my circumcision. There was no pain at first (just the dull ache that comes after masturbating for a long time) so I didn't notice the swellling at first. It's different than genital lymphedema (which I've had in the past), as the use of hot/cold packs did not affect it. It also feels different. It still has the....
  • 7 days ago

    Sexual Health/Male Genitals/Lycopene and Saw Palmetto

    Hi so my simple and short question would be. How much Lycopene and Saw Palmetto is okay for a 28/29 yr old Male who has lowered his sperm count and Testosterone by Smoking Marijuana quite heavily for a while but i have since quit. I'm looking to re-gain Prostate Function and Health of my Genitals and was wondering if by taking both of these Medications if it would be too much Lycopene or other Vitamin Interactions or anything.
  • 7 days ago

    Hsv2 newly diagnosed and confused

    *Dec 15 man 1 unprotected sex and oral *Dec 17 Man 2 oral & 18 protected sex *Dec 20/21 burning/pain when i pee and itching (I wanted to pass out from pain) Azos worked wonders *Dec 22 2 ulcers, shallow on inner and outer right labia nearby each other near Bartholin gland; i thought these were abrasions from sex and dr did not look; urgent care diagnoses UTI & YI; start antibiotics and diflucan; *Dec 24 urgent care looks and sees one ulcer, i told him to look again i had at least 1 more;....
  • 9 days ago

    Risk assessment. Please

    I made a stupid mistake .In that I went to a asian massage parlor for a massage with ended in a handjob with oil .Their was no futher sexual contact envoled no folding ,fingering or kissing.just a straight rub and tug.should I be concerned over the possibility of a STDs and hiv?
  • 11 days ago

    Antibiotics treatment

    About a month ago I found out I had got an std called Trichomonas. I was treated with medications. However I also had a yeast infection with its. My boyfriend had himself tested as well an said he been treated too. I believed him of course. Few weeks later after we were sure we were ok we had sex again. Within a day my symptoms came back. I call my doctor right away an he called in a script for me. However I'm wondering why the first time the medication was 2 a day for 5 or 7 days but this time....
  • 12 days ago

    Trich, UTI Symptoms?

    So about a month ago me and my partner(female) started experiencing some major discomfort for her during sexual intercourse. Especially at the point of entry and even some minor stroking. In her vagina, there’s a bit of friction based lesions I would say. And she complains of pain after sex, and itchiness around the pubic area not the actual vagina. I saw some dead skin and ashiness around my shaft so I went to the ER to get it checked out. They said it wasn’t what I thought it was which was a yeast....
  • 12 days ago

    Pain for partner during sexual intercourse. Symptoms showing?

    My last unprotected sexual partner was almost 10 months ago. After i had sex, I feared having an STD/STI because my penis just felt abnormally warm. I waited a few weeks and got tested for gono and chlamydia. Negative for both. After i was tested, my mind was at ease and that symptom went away. I was even tested again a few months later by a different doctor and chlamydia trachomitis+Gono came back clean again. Still had no symptoms but I wanted to make sure. Fast forward to now, and I have since....