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    Herpes 2 Transmission from hand

    I have genital herpes and my partner does not. Recently I masturbated without realizing I had a few blisters on my penis (discovered them the next morning). When I finished I was reaching around for a pillow (in the dark) and my partner, who was asleep, turned her head at the same time and basically put her open mouth on the side of my hand. I felt two wet lips make contact and freaking just land there, so definitely at least some mucous membrane from her mouth touched my hand. I can’t seem to get a straight answer as to whether or not hsv-2 can survive “outside the body”, and does that mean off the main infection site or does it include warm skin on a hand, and for how long? Reasonable chance I had at least some of the virus on my hand I would think. I’d say maybe a minute (or two) had gone by between my hand on my penis and it colliding with her mouth. I’ve seen posts that say “it dies in 10 seconds” but if that is the case why would sharing sex toys be an issue? So much contradictory information out there. Even my health care provider said “no one really knows” how long the virus can live when off the main area of infection. Anyone thoughts? This is so stressful.


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    RE: Herpes 2 Transmission from hand

    Sir, the fact upon research is that yes, your wife could've got infected, even when there are no sores you can spread the virus, when it comes to HSV-2 sexual contact spreads the virus, and it does not really matter how long the virus can live outside the body.

    Ultimately, instead of arguing whether the virus survive or not outside of the body, your wife should get tested and that's it.
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    Ugh, so sorry about this dude. Maybe you should try a penis health creme because they're loaded with vitamins, amino acids and even shea butter to keep you healthy and hydrated and ready to go. I highly recommend it and would suggest this to my worst enemy lol. Good luck!