• 9 months ago

    Herpetic Whitlow Frustration

    I was diagnosed with HSV-2 6 years ago. I have infrequent outbreaks but I have a rare situation in that in addition to having the standard outbreak downstairs I also have it on the palm of my hand. The outbreaks never occur at the same time.

    Yes, it has been confirmed that it is what it is, my frustration lies with how to keep the palm of my hand covered. I am constantly changing the bandaid because it loses its adhesive. I've thought about a glove but that would be really strange looking, I'm no Michael Jackson....does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?


  • 9 months ago

    RE: Herpetic Whitlow Frustration

    Hi Once you have worn a glove for couple of weeks you work mates will get used to you wearing one, keep to cotton ones as they can be rewashed a few times before changing them for new ones.

    Tip, don't buy cheap ones as they will shrink and fall apart.