• 23 days ago

    Short frenulum

    I think my frenulum is too short. When erect I can force my foreskin back but my frenulum is very tight and uncomfortable.

    I also think it's too short as when the foreskin is pulled back the head of my penis bends in the direction of the frenulum due to the restriction.

    I have photographs to demonstrate if that helps.


  • 23 days ago

    RE: Short frenulum

    Hi Below is a post of mine on foreskin stretching, its easy to follow.

    So this is how you can try to do it, first you start by getting your foreskin warmed up, by doing this it aids the stretching, massage some either baby or coconut oil into the foreskin before each time only just a small amount will do, so with the first finger of both hands and thumbs, and take a small pinch of foreskin from each side, and pull away from the body why at the same time pulling out sideways and just hold for the count of 5 and do the for 5 minutes each of the 6+ times a day, can take up to 6 months.

    As you do your foreskin stretching exercises your find that this will also stretch your frenulum.

    Do not worry about tearing your skin why stretching as you wont your stop before that happens, your see its very hard to break the skin as your cry first, its not advisable to use steroid creams why exercising as this thins your skin on your foreskin, warming and massaging will really help.


    If you want to read more just google foreskin stretching and your find more of much the same.