• 27 days ago

    I just want to ask about my situation, if it sounds more like I have herpes, genital warts, or something else.

    I'm 19 years old. I just want to ask about my situation, if it sounds more like I have herpes, genital warts, or something else. A month ago, my partner noticed some flat, blisters around my anus. There was also one, tiny, red bump on the hood of my clitoris (it didn't really feel painful or anything, but I could definitely tell there was some mild sensation upon touching it). After a day or two, the blisters occurred on certain areas in my vulva, including one on my pubic region. All of the lesions really hurt whenever I moved/walked and it caused a burning sensation during urination. We suspected it was herpes, also because a day before we noticed the lesions, I also had flu-like symptoms for 2 or 3 days. However, when we went to a hospital to get it checked from a doctor, she told me it was definitely genital warts. She also suspected chlamydia/gonorrhea/yeast infection and gave me a prescription for it. She told me to come back after a week and shave the pubic hear to see how it goes because she recommended me to go for cauterization. However, what I read from my research was that genital warts are not usually painful. After a week, the blisters were still there and caused discomfort, but immediately right after I shaved my pubic hair, the pain literally went away in an instant, and it felt normal walking/running. I came back to the doctor after that and she seemed sure it was genital warts. I was really confused because from the readings I've read, it pointed more to herpes, and from where I am, it is difficult to get tested for both herpes and HPV infection. After three weeks, the blisters became flat. A cluster of small ones developed little scabs, but the rest of the blisters didn't have scabs and just looked like round scars. I went to another doctor and she was not sure what it was, and aside from the STIs I mentioned, she pointed out to other conditions such as folliculitis and yeast infection blisters. She also prescribed me with neo-penotran as a suppository for my abnormal discharge. It has been 7 weeks now and all I have are the scars from where the blisters occurred. Thank you so much for taking time.