• 1 month ago

    Need Advice

    I just had sex for the first time and although The condom did not rip I feel very cautious and alarmed. Also two days after I had sex I noticed a little bleeding, could it be the hymen breaking? Also should I be worried about pregnancy


  • 1 month ago

    RE: Need Advice

    Hi If you had sex for the first time and he was deep penetrating you ten your hymen would have broken then and you would have bleed then.

    So when was you last cycle then work out from there to where you are now, if yours is a normal 28 day cycle and your past day 14 when the happened, then no pregnancy could happen, a little bleeding may just have been some blood from your breaking hymen, by if its not continuous I would not worry.

    Seems your putting up a worry where there is not one and stressing, when it should be your happy period as your now a women.

    If your really worried about pregnancy go do an a morning after which is ok if your within 72 hours or there is a longer one but the name has slipped my mind.

    For me I would say go back and do it again and enjoy it this time.