• Yearly/Seasonal UTI Symptoms

    Healthy male, been married for past 5 years. Keep getting reoccurring UTI symptoms for several years with all testing coming back normal or negative.

    Seems only a portion of my urethra swells up near the tip. Mild discomfort urinating, and mild morning erection discomfort. Clear discharge after urinating, and seems not able to empty bladder/leakage. Flare ups seem to occur every 1 to 2 years or seasonally. Do a round of antibiotics it clears up then reoccurs in the 1 to 2 year span.

    Have been on majority of antibiotics usually for a 7-14 day period for the past 11 to 12 years. Have been on Azithromycin (the shot and pill form), Doxycycline, and Levofloxacin.

    Visited a Urologist was given a scope, everything came back normal and then another round of antibiotics.

    Had a white discharge with similar symptoms once in college, all tests came back negative was given antibiotics.

    Another odd tidbit, I can't drink Redbull. If I do all the above symptoms come back immediately upon urination and is much more painful. Another incident happened with canned oranges/pear juice.

    Does anyone have any feedback? I've tried to monitor if it was food or allergic substances but haven't been able to pin point what is causing it. Coffee, Tea, Alcohol, Hot Sauce does NOT cause any symptoms and spouse has been symptom free even with sex with my symptoms. Any feedback would be great.


  • 8 days ago

    RE: Yearly/Seasonal UTI Symptoms

    Hi In all this time have you ever been checked out for a YI (yeast infection?

    See this link below and see just how many side effects ring bells.


  • RE: Yearly/Seasonal UTI Symptoms

    Yes. I’ve given swabs, urine samples, scope etc. If it was YI wouldn’t antibiotic medication clear it? Why the constant reoccurrence? Also spouse has never had symptoms after intercourse. Could it be gut, prostate, or bladder related, but scope came back normal?
      • 7 days ago
        Hi Yes on the whole they would clear them, but your could be one of the odds that just does not want to go, women get these YI's and go to drastic measures to clear them which involves putting things like pure salt and garlic up there vaginas and it works.

        I will do some research and see what I can find for men.

      • Worth giving a shot. Although I've never had a rash or thrush which seem to be symptoms of a YI in men with the discomfort urinating/discharge. Only other symptom I've had is occasional dry skin on the head with the discomfort with urination, leakage etc. My next plan is to go back to the Doc who will just give me another round of antibiotics I'm guessing. So interested to see if there are other alternatives to try or to be on a longer antibiotic? Just has been going on for awhile and would like to find a solution or a reason for the re-occurrences.
      • 6 days ago
        If you are on an outbreak now try a sexual health/GUM clinic and get some tests done there, as this kind of problem is there only field of work, so you may get a better answer there.