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    HPV? Old flame reached out...

    I’m 32 y/o single male and have been for a few years. I date around a decent amount and have had my fair share of unprotected sex. I try to be smart about the “types” of women I sleep with, but obviously you never know.

    About 2 weeks ago I was contacted by someone I was sleeping with last summer but have stayed friendly with here and there since. I suppose she was having a guilty conscious and told me that she was recently diagnosed with HPV when she had her yearly pap smear so she had to have gotten it within the last year. We slept together maybe 4-5 times and the last time was last Sept/Oct. She said it is HPV 16, which is one of the 2 that can turn into cancer and that it has already started changing her cells.

    I feel badly for her but also not sure what I am supposed to do with this info. I have been sexually active with multiple partners since and hsven’t noticed anything particularly abnormal, though sometimes I can talk myself into thinking I do. I can’t seem to find much concrete info on this. From what I understand, HPV can come and go from your body. Even if I was exposed to it, theres a chance it didn’t affect me and could be gone? And it seems like only women can be tested for it? Is it possible I could have it and keep passing it to others without ever knowing if I have it? I obviously don’t want to potentially expose anyone if I do have it. And also cancer runs in my family so thats another worry.

    The only thing I can think of that may relate to a symptom I’ve seen is within the last few months theres been a few times where i’ve had speech/loss of voice problems, sudden acid reflux, as well as jaw pain/feeling like I’m talking differently. These have been intermittent and I don’t even know if they’re related to each other (speech issues to the jaw pain) or separate issues altogether, as well as allergies.

    Any legit info is appreciated...


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    RE: HPV? Old flame reached out...

    You were given information for two purposes. The first is to inform others that you may have infected and the second is to get yourself a complete battery of STD tests. Having unprotected sex leaves you exposed to any and all STDs. Many have no symptoms and some can take years to show any sign at all.

    Please, be responsible.
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        These forums are to be helpful, not judgmental, everyone knows the choices they make when having sex, unprotected or not. I’ve been tested since the last time her and I slept together which did not show anything. My questions are specifically regarding HPV. From what I understand, men cannot be tested for this? I’m not trying to alarm women from the past year if there isn’t reason to so I’m trying to gather some concrete info first. Thank you.