• 11 months ago

    Gonorrhea symptoms persisted / developed after treatment

    3 months ago I contracted and received treatment for Gonorrhea. My symptoms were mild (irritation in urethra, slight ache in testicles) I'm not sure if it is related but the symptoms as they are have persisted and developed slightly. I have been double tested for additional STIs (including microplasma - all negative) and have been to my GP and a sexual health clinic, both of which provided no answers. I am on a waiting list to see a urologist but i have been told the wait time is up to 40 weeks. I was hoping maybe someone on here could help shed some light.

    Current symptoms:

    -urethral irritation
    -dull ache in testicles
    -frequency of urination has doubled - as well I feel I am not completely emptying bladder
    -ache in bladder, particularly when pressure is put on it
    -ache in organs on both sides of bladder (seems to alternate - one day the left side will hurt, the next day the right)
    -slight discolouration of penis head (grey-ish tinge and the skin seems to have a sheen to it) additionally all veins running through my shaft appear to be more prominent
    -at the tip of the (whatever the cartilage like tissue is called) just below the head i have noticed a swollen pea sized knot just to the left of the urethra
    -additionally I have noticed a much smaller knot, also on the left side, about halfway down the shaft.

    No sores or lesions are present externally. Only notable data provided by urine sample is a high protein content. Negative result for UTI.

    My GP prescribed me some antibacterial skin cream which alleviates some of the symptoms upon use but despite daily use for the last 3 weeks the symptoms always return.

    Any help you could give would be amazing! Whatever is wrong seems to be spreading.

    Kind regards,