• 8 days ago

    Fear of telling friends, family, and dating

    I contracted HSV 2yrs. ago and the funny thing is, condoms were used. No one believed me, meaning the doctors and I got the virus. I only had 2 breakouts since being diagnosed. I've been on the medication, got 7 UBI treatments to kill off most of the virus to where is not going to no longer help. I'm afraid to date because of it. I was with someone and I thank God he didn't contract it. What can I do to not be afraid to open up and date? Men are quick to run from it and not educate themselves.


  • 7 days ago

    RE: Fear of telling friends, family, and dating

    Hi Have you thought of trying to find a guy with the same problem, mind you not to sure where you would start looking, but you can bet your life there is sites.

    Google this, women with hsv looking for guys with hsv you may find it helpful, its an after thought