• 5 days ago

    Pregnancy/period question

    About 3 weeks ago I lost my virginity to my boyfriend, we did not use protection but he did pull out. I’m supposed to have my period in three days but today I was having brown discharge, I’ve never had that before. Should I be worried I’m pregnant or could it be left over blood from my hymen breaking? Or would that be normal before my period starts? Thanks for any advice as I can’t ask friends or family for religious reasons.


  • 5 days ago

    RE: Pregnancy/period question

    Hi So if your cycle is 28 days so when you had sex you was just about finishing you period? yes, if your days are right, then the answer would be no.

    Brown blood would mean old blood so could have been something from you hymen breaking, or could be just you uterus having a ore period clean out.

    The only real thing now would be to wait and see what happens, and if need be get an abortion pill from your doctor, if you don't wont to be pregnant, on the hush hush.

    If all is ok you must really think of birth control, like the pill.