• 16 days ago

    I have an outbreak of coldsores!!!!

    Im 39 yrs old,
    Ive hald cold sores, throughout my life and know first hand its not pleasant!!! But 2 days ago i had another outbreak, this time on both sides of my upper lip and the middle!!! Just the fact, ive had this before, but just one blister ,makes me scared because its 3 all on my top lip!!!! Please help!!!! Please!!


  • 16 days ago

    RE: I have an outbreak of coldsores!!!!

    Hi If it helps I was told many years ago to put cold tea bags on cold sores, said to be good way of getting rid of them.

    Just found this bit of info.
    At the first twinge of a cold sore, apply a damp, cooled tea bag to the area where you expect the outbreak to occur and keep it on for 10 minutes. Repeat three or four times a day to reduce the duration and severity of an outbreak.