• 9 months ago

    Possible Genital Herpes? Am going absolutely crazy with worry :(

    Ok so let me tell you a story. Apologies for the length

    Thursday 14th March i met a lady that id been talking to for months and met a couple of other times just socially, we met and had lunch..and we booked a room in a place with a private booth. Now before i went in the booth i went into the toilet and washed my penis with some handwash that was in the restroom (haha stupid i know!) that was strongly perfumed on the sink and was dark orange in colour..i put lots on all over the head of my penis without even diluting it with water! and to be honest don't think i washed it off properly...i did rinse a bit but not fully and some stayed on my penis head

    Anyway things got heated and she ended up with my penis in her mouth for around 10 seconds..that was it. I also put my fingers inside her vagina. Nothing else happened on the day apart from LOADS of kissing, deep french tongue kissing (literally loads)

    So the next day (Friday), i notice a bit of a painless rash on my penis head, like little spots or pimples. Now to add another dimension to this i have suffered from a fungal jock itch condition in my groin, and i am constantly constantly scratching it...ive suffered with this on and off for years..and might well have scratched and then touched the head of my penis inspecting it etc (i was inspecting it and pulling the foreskin back a lot on the Friday)..Saturday the spots started to fade..by Sunday they had completely gone and then on the Monday morning i noticed a little bit of burning near the opening and right underneath my peehole. NO other symptoms..nothing on the glans. So i spoke to her and she is mortified...she had a coldsore a week earlier that had dried up and dropped off and completely healed 2 days before we met(she even went to the pharmacist earlier that week and the pharmacist said it had completely healed and there was nothing there (as we wanted to kiss loads)..she had no symptoms of anything, she has had no sexual contact since last October (with her husband) and she split with her husband at In January (due to him being unfaithful)..again with no symptoms of anything

    So i got some canesten (thrush cream) and been putting that on, Smothering it all over and the burning although its not really burnining was just a slightly uncomfortable feeling, had been getting better..but now i think smothering my penis in canesten has also made it a bit sensitive..there is a slight bit of red irritation, no lesions or anything. So i go to the doctor...he takes a look and says this is nothing to do with herpes (i exlained everything to him) and that i have dermatitis. So gives me some Daktakort..i dont read the instructions and smother my penis head in it...which seems to make it worse...as in red dots under the glands skin (nothing raised) when i squeeze it, like little dots or blood vessels. I then read instructions and apparently you are only supposed to put it on thinly as it thins the skin and can cause irritation.

    In the meantime i go for an STI screen (two weeks after the 14th)..see the sexual health nurse who explains..the encounter was a risk..but a low one given the circumstances..she looks at my penis under a spotlight and cant see any lesions and says dermaitits is likely due to the stupid idea of putting strong perfumed and probably alcoholic handwash all over my penis and says with all the anxiety and stress if sores were going to come out they would have by now...and that also a lot of my symtpoms could be down to stress and anxiety

    Of course all this time my anxiety is going through thew roof..every little itch, feeling of warmth is amplified by ten. I was getting some warmth and a burning sensation between my scrotum and anus..no lesions or rash..but i do sit all day...so started to think i had prostate problems due to stress

    Have now started putting the daktakort back on and it feels slightly better but it still looks like there are tiny red small dots under the skin of the glans...and it still burns slightly from time to time with an occasional itch. Ive never felt ill, never got the flu...dont ever remember having a coldsore in my life and i am absolutely going out of my mind that i have herpes..it's causing me some serious mental strife!...If i am still getting these mild symptoms will go back to the doctor but the stress and worry is killing me. Anyone had similar? Or like everyone else do you all think i am worrying over what is a low risk encounter and my syptoms are driving me crazy in my own head and making the dermatitis worse

    Thanks All