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    How do you get passed the worry that every sympom is an infection? I lived my first 35 years clean and in 2 months I was diagnosed with syphilis and Chlamydia at 2 separate times. Now every little thing I feel or see is a symptom. I have not had any contact since the Syphilis diagnosis and treatment but now I even worry if my treatment worked :(. I was treated March 20 with a penicillin shot but am still worried.


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    RE: Worried

    Hi you will have to go back to your sexual health/GUM clinic and get retested.

    Chlamydia is something you have had in your body for up to 10 years before it showed itself, it hides in deep tissue and mimics it surrounding's, so does not show in any tests.

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        The chlamydia showed up in a urine test. The syphilis in a blood test. I took three blood screenings: one was minimal reactive, one reactive and one negative and took the treatment. The chlamydia has tested negative in my past 2 urine screenings after treatment.