• 9 days ago

    Genital Psoriasis

    my dermatologist diagnosed me with psoriasis on my penis and prescribed me a cream to control it. the cream hasnt really been working though.

    i just wanted some info on psoriasis.
    all that is wrong with my case is that my foreskin and penis head is red which gets worse or better during the day. there is no itching or anything but the head does seem a little tender if i rub it.

    does psoriasis always involve having an itch or can you have it with no itching?

    and secondly, it originated from a single red spot on my penis head that seem to turn into a rash and now is just red after i had unprotected sex and now has spread over time. again there was no pain or itchiness during anytime after. can psoriasis originate from a single spot or no?