• 4 months ago

    Yeast infection or STD?

    2 weeks ago I had infected wisdom teeth and was prescribed antibiotics. My doctor warned me it may give me thrush. 5 days later my vagina started feeling itchy, the next day I looked closer and I noticed tears at the opening of my vagina and in my flaps. The next day the tear at the opening had turned into an ulcer/sore. It is extremely painful.

    Do you think this is a yeast infection? The inside of my vagina looks very lumpy and my discharge is white and odorless but it represents cottage cheese texture and there sticky discharge as well. When I stand up I feel it pour out.

    Last year I was on antibiotics for tonsillitis and I had the exact same condition but there were multiple sores and I could barely walk.

    Please help! Do I keep taking the antibiotics for another week? I am taking probiotics, and thrush creams and tablets.