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    Male Fertility Question

    This message board may not be exactly matched to my question, but it seems the closest possibility for now.

    I am a middle-aged male (age 59) interested in determining whether or not I was sterilized (involuntarily) during my early childhood. If this event occurred it would have been roughly between the ages of 2 to 5 years of age. During that time I was subjected to two operations, supposedly to correct a birth defect (grossly malformed eye lid, huge amount of excess skin in the lid). Evidence that I later accidentally found casts doubt on the complete accuracy of this reason for the operations. There was clearly an unmistakable congenital deformity in my left eye lid that I personally observed in a photograph that I later accidentally found during my twenties. This photo of me was taken when I was an infant and prior to the eye operations, and it was the only photograph of me as an infant that I have ever seen. Whatever other pictures that may have existed have been hidden from me or destroyed. This birth defect was so egregious that nobody, lay person or experienced healthcare professional, could have possibly missed it or mistaken which eye was affected. However, the 'story' that I was given by my parents throughout my life was that the surgeon operating on the malformed eye 'accidentally' operated on the wrong eye during the first operation. The second operation was supposedly necessary to correct the original defect and reverse the earlier mistaken surgery on the normal eye. This story simply doesn't hold water, based upon what I saw in that photograph of me. I wonder what else was done to me then, while I was 'under the knife' that second time. My family lived in southwestern Virginia during that time and Virginia has a well-known history of eugenic sterilizations for numerous dubious reasons. There was ample history in both sides of my family to make me suspect that some agency may have coerced my parents to allow my sterilization during one of these operations as an alternative to permanent institutionalization. Given that the fallacies of eugenics were beginning to be increasingly questioned following WW II, I very much doubt that any records were made of this sterilization event if it happened, or if those records would have survived until now if they were made.

    Would a sperm count test at my age reveal unambiguous evidence of whether or not that I was sterilized? If not, is there any other test or examination that might reveal whether or not I was sterilized at an early age? At this stage of my life, I have zero interest in fathering children, but rather I am trying to fill in some missing pieces of my own history for peace of mind.