• Negative for Herpes....What now


    Im looking for some help as I am at a loss about what my condition could have been.

    I noticed by touch a slightly raised small mark on my penile glands. When I looked at it the next day it was noticeable by sight and looked red to white colour. The next day when going to the toilet and pulled back my foreskin that there was a white kind of gunk behind my foreskin which I assumed was coming from the mark. This was pretty mini mull and caused no pain.

    The next day when peeing I noticed that it was very painful when peeing as I assume the urine was going onto the mark. It now looked like it may have split and was more a yellow colour. This was when I decided to see the doctor that morning.

    The doctor said it was probably Herpes as and told me to go to the GUM clinic for a test which I did. I had a culture test which was painful to take as well as a full std testing by urine sample. All these results including the culture came back negative. The pain when urinating went on for another day or two then stopped and the mark started to fade. 2 weeks later it is still visible to where the mark was but with no colour to it and it is not raised or causing any problems.

    I decided to send off for a blood test online which was a IgG test for antibodies against herpes. This has again comeback negative.

    I have never had this problem previously, I am recently married and been with my partner since 16 and are both now 33. We had one spell where we were not together about 8 years ago which was only a few months in which time I did have unprotected sex twice and she did not have any. Me and my wife have always had unprotected sex with each other and neither of us have had any symptoms of herpes before.

    With all this being said can I now rule out herpes with all these negative tests? And if it is not herpes then What would have caused the Problem I had as I am concerned it may be something more serious such as cancer. Do Cancer marks on the penile gland fade or they there always?

    Thanks in advance