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    HPV knowledge

    I need to be as educated as possible on hpv. I am married and I have not ever been sexually active with my spouse. I found out the month we got together my spouse was diagnosed with hpv strain 16. Last year the doctor said it was almost gone. I'm thinking hell yeah finally we can have a normal marriage. Well now the doc say this year the strain 16 is back and showing strains 18 as well as 31-35 and some of the 40's. What does this mean? Can other strains develop from one strain? Is my spouse having sex else where? Now there is abnormal cells and more strains for a non sexually active person. I just need the truth. The doctor answered minimal questions and left quickly. I'm so confused?


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    RE: HPV knowledge

    Hi Below is 3 links these should give you all the info you want to know.



    This next one is very long and gives lots of info and it gets very involved, but its one of the best sites you can find.


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    RE: HPV knowledge

    None of those really answered my question. Thank you though.