• 24 days ago

    Genital Herpes

    Hi there, I got diagnosed with herpes types 2 a month ago and took the Aciclovir tablets and the blisters cleared up within 2 weeks. The doctor gave me another pack of tablets in case another outbreak happened. Last night I noticed a tiny bump which looked blister like (didn’t hurt or anything) in the same place my first outbreak was. I started taking the Aciclovir again since was told take them if you notice any sort of blister. It’s already looking smaller this morning but was wondering how long a second outbreak tends to last/take to clear up properly considering I started taking the medication as soon as I noticed something? Any help would be really appreciated!


  • 21 days ago

    RE: Genital Herpes

    For some, the first episode of the sores is usually the worst. Once you are diagnosed most can get treatment. I myself, have found that 20 yrs later, my outbreaks now, the worst for pain, it's ever been. Anus sores, are the most recurring, for me.
    But be careful, you can transfer the sores to your bottom/rectum, leaving you with much more painful sores. As your anus has muscles that keep it tightly closed. But stretch when you pass gas, or have a bowel movement, painfully. Spreading from your vagina, when sores spread to the anus, this is the most painful spot, as the skin tightens, it pulls on the sores, even making them more active. Trust me!!..This spot, is the worst for pain.
    Acyclovir helps., but I haven't had a prescription for it in over 20+ yrs. (I was told it was no longer used.)
    So I've learned, I just wait it out, silently, in pain. It is a reminder, to PRACTICE SAFE SEX!
    I wish I did.