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    Hsv2 newly diagnosed and confused

    *Dec 15 man 1 unprotected sex and oral
    *Dec 17 Man 2 oral & 18 protected sex
    *Dec 20/21 burning/pain when i pee and itching (I wanted to pass out from pain) Azos worked wonders
    *Dec 22 2 ulcers, shallow on inner and outer right labia nearby each other near Bartholin gland; i thought these were abrasions from sex and dr did not look; urgent care diagnoses UTI & YI; start antibiotics and diflucan;
    *Dec 24 urgent care looks and sees one ulcer, i told him to look again i had at least 1 more; he does not test, diagnoses UTI & YI; start new antibiotics and diflucan and suggested OTC topical Monistat for itching. I used Monistat topical and it burned like hell and at first I noticed 3 new blisters on the left side of labia and thought the cream caused them. I removed cream. Same 2 ulcers on right side that have been there since the start.
    Dec 24-28- my feet were too sore to stand for one entire day, legs ached, butt cheeks were numb, lymph nodes were swollen in groin and kind of protruding in a band formation. It hurt to sit, stand, lay. Everything was swollen
    *Dec 28 GYN swabs about 3 ulcers the 3 blisters seemed to be gone and done. diagnoses YI and HSV2 starts 1G Valtrex 2x day for 10days and antifungal vaginal suppositories. This helps my YI. Also gives me a lidocaine ointment for itching and pain.
    *Jan 2 regular GYN says ulcers are healed, blood tests and swabs inside for other STDs. Itching is intense keeps me up at night. She suggested lidocaine ointment and Benadryl at night.
    *Jan 7 I start Valtrex 500mg 1x/day suppression therapy on my request.
    *Jan 7 I take a diflucan that I had extra. Itching slows and almost stops. Still numb. White buildup on clitoris and under clitoris hood that i cleaned daily. Bladder retention. Constipation, finally ate prunes and have had one proper very soft poop otherwise it was 1-2 nickel sized hard bits every couple days. I don’t remember the last time i had a full size bowel movement. I stopped using lidocaine. Started using cortisone 10 with cooling. This burns on application but alleviates itching at night.

    I was told but haven’t been able to obtain copies of the tests:
    HSV1 swab=negative
    HSV2 swab=positive

    After Jan 11 - I still have numbness on genitals, labia, anus.
    - Bladder retention and constipation are still problems.
    - Still have thick white discharge. No smell. It looks like a white mucous plug to vagina.
    - No new lesions
    - Not using any topicals
    - 500mg Valtrex
    - Also started reservatrol and LLysine supplements

    1 Should I get a blood test to help determine if this is new or old? Seems very much like a primary outbreak. Will Valtrex impede accurate results? When and how many times should I test?

    2 I know it’s probably a guess, but do you suspect dec15 unprotected sex or dec17 protected sex could be the cause? Neither men have gotten tested yet to my knowledge. Have asked both of their status and both say they are negative but I don’t know that I believe it wasn’t just their gut reaction to respond this way

    3 can you explain how Valtrex impedes testing? It sounds like it will decrease count for swab, but does it have an effect on antibody blood testing? Will supplements impede accurate testing? Will Valtrex block you from building antibodies? Seems like you want antibodies? Is there more or less shedding with more or less antibodies?

    4 Any advice on current symptoms?

    5 if I have genital hsv2, can I get hsv2 oral? And is it possible to get hsv 1 genitally or orally?


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    RE: Hsv2 newly diagnosed and confused

    Hi So you play the field, then what ever you have come from about 6 to 8 weeks before you got these problems, see it takes about 8 weeks for STD's to show and its then you go and get tested at a sexual health/GUM clinic, these are the best place to go, as STI's and STD's is there field of work, so for now I think it could be your best place to go and talk with them, get looked at and tested again.

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        Herpes can begin 2-10 days from exposure from what I can tell. And primary outbreaks can occur whenever so doesn’t really have to be in 2-10days from exposure. I want to know more about what tests I should have done now and in the future.
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        Hi This link will tell you all you want to know and if you go to your local sexual health/gum clinic they will also do just the same as its the fields of work. OK