• 10 days ago

    Acurracy of TPPA and FTA-ABS

    Hi all,
    I recent posted this question on another site . I thought I would see the response I get o this site.

    About 5 years ago I was concerned about Syphillis and took an RPR about A year and half after the incident it was negative but. Year later I learned that RPR has a high False negative rate during the latent stage . So I then had an FTA-ABS which was negative but discovered that FTA-ABS is no longer the good standard so after another couple months I then did two TPPA tests, both of which were negative . Although this sounds definitive given the symptoms I originally saw , but did not realize and some subsequent symptoms I am concerned that these may all be false negatives. What is the current expectation for false negatives for TPPA during the latent stage ? Also, Has anyone at this site experienced false negative TPPA and later found out they had syphillis?