• 18 days ago

    Yeast infection or BV? Or Both?

    (this is graphic) I got a nasty yeast infection, I had it for a few days and it's still not going away. All the classic symptoms, the cottage cheese except it's not discharge, it's inside my vagina and a little bit comes out but not in my underwear (sorry this is soooo graphic ew) It was red and itchy and painful and I took a canestan (yeast infection) pill and used the external cream, and nothing helped. Today, after 3 days, now it's so itchy and SMELLS like FISH! It didn't smell the first few days it was odorless. Could I also have BV at the same time? I am planning to get the internal cream to insert inside..I really don't want to see a doctor ughh, is it possible to have both or do yeast infections ever have a fishy smell? has anyone else seen this before? vagina filled with cottage cheese like white stuff (it actually looks like wet shredded toilet paper) but it's not coming out as a discharge it's just inside when I stick a finger up there my finger comes out covered in it. It's only starting to smell now and very itchy just in the past few hours, I have not stuck a finger up there yet to see what is happening.


  • 18 days ago

    RE: Yeast infection or BV? Or Both?

    Hi BV all the way, get to your local chemist and ask for Boric Acid capsules, this should get it out of the way.
    BV comes from your vaginal natural Ph getting out of whack, its best you get a Ph kit from you chemist to keep an eye on it.

    BV has a very bad habit of coming back a few times, so your warned.

    Good luck, do google natural remedies for BV.

      • 17 days ago
        okay thanks will do! Is it weird that I also have this white stuff inside me? like its probably what people call cottage cheese like substance, or wet shredded toilet paper pieces etc....I woke up today and the smell was gone same with the itch, except after I touch it there is a faint smell on my finger lol sorry so gross!
      • 12 days ago
        You definitely do not have to apologize on here for details that's what these posts are for. I've had to post something embarrassing on here as well. But definitely go get it checked it out of there is any fishy odor because of the possibility of bacterial infection