• over 1 year ago


    For a couple months I have thought I had a yeast infection due to hearing the last guy I slept with had herpes. I freaked out about herpes until I looked some things up and realize that’s not what I had at least it didn’t appear to be. I have had serious vaginal swelling and discharge like I would have a yeast infection sometimes it can be a little yellow with no smell. The last guy I was with said he thought he may have something because he had clear coming out of His penis. I also have in my throat and a bump on my tongue there is also the rush lines in my mouth and around my tongue. I have felt like *** and have had zero energy the past couple months. I also have had a little bit of a dry cough as well as headaches night sweats and my lymph nodes are swollen. I really don’t think that I have HIV but it could be a possibility I sometimes get night sweats because of my medicine but I was also having esophagus pain