• 5 months ago

    lesions/ulcer/sore on penile shaft, should I get tested?

    I am a 23 year old male, and about 10 days ago i noticed two small red red bumps on my penis shaft, right below the circumcision line. They are smaller than a .17 BB/pellet, there can be a little discomfort when masturbating but not much. I really can't even tell they are there throughout the day.
    The bumps seem to be pretty dry one time i tried to squeeze one and I was able to get just a tiny tiny tiny bit of clear liquid out, but they don't ooze by themselves.
    They seem to heel throughout the day by getting even drier and the outside getting harder with what I assume is dead skin, but then after masturbation they revert back (i guess the "scab" gets scraped off during masturbation). Overall they don't look very scary/suspicious but I can be paranoid.
    I'm a virgin, but I have received a few hand jobs with saliva as lubricant, and a few blow jobs while wearing a condom. Most recently about 3-4 weeks ago.
    They are just about healed about 10 days out.
    Should I get tested for an STD, I feel like it might be a waist of time cuz I don't think I could have gotten one, I have never had any other symptoms of an STD. I assume they are just random bump that will heal up and never come back. But should I just to be safe?
    If i should get tested what Std should i be tested for? Also for genital Herpes, does the sore need to be present for testing? or will a blood test work?