• 5 months ago

    Genital herpes ?

    Hey.. so I believed to of cut myself in my vaginal area while shaving.. I thought I got a cut a little worse than I thought and got a small infection, I brushed it it off. But now it's been almost two weeks of antiseptic wash(hurt fee&pain free), and polysporon. I've been trying to keep it clean and dry.. but obviously that's a little hard to do all day long. It doesn't itch or anything and looks more like a canker sore than the pictures I could find online for herpes. It's only one small blister and that's it. Unfortunately I can't post a picture on here but figured I'd try and get some ease of mind while I wait for test results. I'm freaking out and they said it could be a few weeks.. thanks to all those who reply.


  • 5 months ago

    RE: Genital herpes ?

    Hi What you can do is if have a picture is to post it on a site and post the link to it here.

    But why so long to wait, seems crazy to me, as all this does is stress you and stress has its own problems.