• 4 months ago

    Lifelong Performance Anxiety

    I’ve tried medication, meditation, doctors, therapists, and I still suffer from the same problem of feeling the urge of cumming within literally 10 seconds of sex. 95% of the time.

    I remind myself constantly that I’m a POS and lesser of a person because I can’t please my partner due to this. Other guys can last hours and I can’t even go past a minute most of the time.

    At 17 I couldn’t get hard for a while and would taste this metallic taste in my mouth when about to have sex then I would be as soft and shrunken up as possible. It was super embarrassing! Luckily I got over that problem. But now it’s the cumming issue. I’ve never even got to experience a normal sex life even for a day because of this. It ruins my life on a daily basis. I can’t go one day without thinking about it. Ive tried everything the therapist has said, with no results. I don’t know where to go. I’m 25 now and tired of being held down by this.

    Is it ptsd/anxiety from my first experiences? Is it anxiety from being super religious growing up (not anymore). Am I the only loser like this?

    I’ve had blood work done. My testosterone and blood flow is all fine. It’s in my head, but I can’t beat it. (No pun intended haha) What can I do besides the basic answers I’ve heard a thousand times.