• 4 months ago

    First cold sore I think

    At first it was just a pin point little dot that hurt really bad so I thought it was a pimple and popped it the next day I woke up and it was swollen and extremely painful so I kept popping it then it got an Infection so I went to the doc and he gave me antibiotics i had no tingling the whole time well I don't think I have an infection anymore swing that the yellow puss has stoped leaking but it is still swollen and num and painful and kinda crusted over was it really a cold sore and I made it worst by popping it?


  • 4 months ago

    RE: First cold sore I think

    Popping cold sores can make them worse by introducing new bacteria from your hands, as well as spreading the herpes virus to new areas on your skin. Next time, don't touch your outbreaks and let them subside on their own. Once you get a cold sore, you're likely to get one again in the future. I recommend dabbing the infected outbreak with rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide every other day and continuing to use the antibiotics the doctor gave you.