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    Ongoing Symptoms in 20 yr old female

    I'm a 20 year old woman who has been experiencing weird symptoms for 10 months now. I went to the doctor in January 2018 for a rash on my labia that went on for 2 months. There were no STDs or cultures and the doctor concluded the rash was probably from a reaction (although I follow all vaginal care guidelines, and nothing new has been added to my routine I've been doing since I was 16), but I did have a UTI. The UTI didn't feel like it went away after medication, so I went back and got stronger meds. There was blood in my urine (catheter), but no UTI. I developed back pain, and abdominal pain on my lower left and right abdomen. I went back got a blood test, another urine test, and another pap smear. Was referred to a hospital for a transvaginal ultrasound that came up clear. The doctor basically had nothing to diagnose, and thought maybe endometriosis? I'm a college student and the bills were starting to rack up so here I am. To this day I have mild/moderate abdominal pain, the rash, and very irregular periods (If they come at all they're short, but the PMS symptoms do come, and abdominal pain gets worse). I haven't been sexually active for over a year and a half.


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    RE: Ongoing Symptoms in 20 yr old female

    Hi For your irregular have they thought of putting you on the BC pill, that's if you body can take them that is.

    For your rash a very simple coconut oil may help there just use it as often as you can, best if your shaved.

    These pains you getting could be coming from a hormone that comes from your cervix about a week before your period.

    That's about the best I can offer at the moment.