• 4 months ago

    Perineum boil/pimple

    Can a perineum pimple or boil delay a period? I got one 3 weeks ago and it popped on its own before I could go to the doctor and it bled out and dried... now I’m worried cause my periods 11 days late and I haven’t had sex since April and didn’t miss my last two periods (April and May) I usually get it at the end of the month and into the first week of the new month.


  • 4 months ago

    RE: Perineum boil/pimple

    Hi If you got stressed when this happened, then that could be your answer as stress will do that. or it could be just a missed/skipped period.

    Women tend to get these now and again, as your finding out a real bugger when it does, as it sets pregnancy bells ringing. OK