• 4 months ago

    First HSV-2 symptoms (male) after faithful 5-year relationship?


    I was recently diagnosed with HSV-2, and am experiencing what I believe to be my first outbreak. I am in a relationship with a woman, and have been for five years. Before her, I slept with many women and engaged in what the medical field would typically call “risky sexual behavior”. I never knowingly subjected myself to someone who was carrying infection, however. My girlfriend, however, has only had two other partners 5+ years ago — one intercourse partner and one that she gave oral sex to.

    My girlfriend and I have been frequently sexually active over the past five years (with a sum of about a year of being separate due to work), almost all of which was UNprotected. We never worried about either of us carrying infection, and we haven’t been against the idea of getting pregnant. Neither of us, however, have ever been blood-tested for HSV 1 or 2. I’ve just tested positive, and she has an appointment to get it done.

    My biggest question is: could this infection have stayed dormant in me for five years and, assuming that no cheating has gone on, avoided affecting my girlfriend? Furthermore, if we are BOTH infected, could it have really stayed out-of-sight for so long?

    She has reported having to treat the occasional yeast infection/UTI, but has not had alarming symptoms ever in her life. On top of it all, my symptoms aren’t exactly all that bad according to a lot of peoples’ symptoms — I have irritated skin on my testicles and anus, and my penis feels, for the lack of a better term, kinda funny. No obvious blisters or anything. Any and all help is appreciated.